Nutrient Calculator

A nutrient calculator that computed the total nutrient in the food items consumed, using the ‘Nutritive Value of Indian Foods by Gopalan et al (1989), has been developed and this is now been made available as freeware.

The food log project was funded by a research grant from International Development Research Center (IDRC) Canada and the development of the calculator was enabled by a grant from the Indian Council of Medical Research (5/9/1022/2011-RHN)

Download it here

Instructions for use:

The software consists of an excel file that includes nutritive information, and cells for food consumed.

1. To use the software you must enable macros on your computer.
2. Fill in rows for the record for individuals.
3. Now select columns EC-ET and press CTRL+SHIFT+R

You are free to use this software but it is expected that this web address would be acknowledged in any publication that follows