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Government of India Core Committee

Data on disease surveillance in Kerala
for 1999-2000 (John et al. 2004) showed 75
meningitis cases of which at least 27 were bacterial meningitis. Assuming that one
third of this is due to Hib, for a 26 milli
on birth cohort, the estimated Hib meningitis
is 52000 per year. Using the validated Hib
Rapid Assessment Tool estimates, that
allows pneumonia burden estimates based on meningitis data, the estimated Hib
pneumonia cases would be 260000 per year (WHO 2001).
John TJ, Rajappan K, Arjunana KK. Co
mmunicable disease monitored by disease
surveillance in Kottayam district, Kerala
State, India. Ind J Med Res 2004; 120:86-93