Minutes of the Expert group meetin gs on Hepatitis B and Hib vaccines


A study on HBV disease profile based on liv
er biopsy of consecutive patients who
were HbsAg positive presenting to AIIMS from Jan. 2008 to June 2009,showed
that 80% are silent infections. 44% of
the patients were asymptomatic healthy
carriers, 13% were immunotolerant, 28%
were HBeAg positive chronic hepatitis 7
and 15% were HBeAg negative chronic
hepatitis (Data from AIIMS:personal
communication Dr.S.K.Acharya).
Based on the natural course of the HBV
infection and the disease profile at
presentation (as given above for AIIMS)
and considering an HBV carrier rate of
2% ,the annual frequency of cirrhosis
will be 3 lakhs and HCC will be 21000.