Prediction of mortality by application of PRISM score in intensive care unit.

Indian Pediatr. 2001 Jul;38(7):714-9.

Singhal D, Kumar N, Puliyel JM, Singh SK, Sreenivas V.

OBJECTIVE: Prediction of mortality by application of Pediatric Risk of Mortality (PRISM) score in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) patients under Indian circumstances. DESIGN: Prospective study. SETTING: PICU of a tertiary care multi-specialty hospital. METHODS: 100 sick pediatric patients admitted consecutively in PICU were taken for this study. PRISM score was calculated. Hospital outcome was recorded as (died/survived). The predicted death was calculated by the formula: RESULTS: Of 100 patients, 18 died and 82 survived. By PRISM score 49 children had the score of 1-9. The expected death in this group was 10.3% (n = 5.03) and the observed death was 8.2% (n = 4). Among 45 children with the score of 10-19, the expected mortality was 21.2% (n = 9.6) and observed was 24.4% (n = 11). There were 3 patients with the score of 20-29, the expected mortality in this group was 39.3% (n = 1.18) and observed mortality 33.3% (n = 1). There were 3 patients with score > or = 30, observed death 66.3% (n = 2) and expected mortality was 74.7% (n = 2.24). There was no significant difference between expected and observed mortality in any group. (p > 0.5). ROC analysis showed area under the curve of 72%. CONCLUSION: PRISM score has good predictive value in assessing the probability of mortality in relation to children admitted to a PICU under Indian circumstances.